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YAMAHA PSS 380 Japan 1986

Say hello to the Yamaha PSS 380 as used by Phochos, Aphex Twin your retarded cousin from Canada. I bought it for 25 bucks which might be slightly above its current street value...anyways:

The Yamaha PSS 380 is the most ghetto lo-fi version of the Yamaha FM synth family.
Apart from its slique design it comes in hard with 2 operator (!!!) FM synthesis (likewise the DX100 has 4, the DX7 6 operator FM synthesis) build in drumloops with a pletora of styles ranging from
Motown Shuffle to Latin Techno Funk to Speed Metal!!!  Cool thing is that it has sliders to alter the FM synthesis, the sliders have cool names like "Spectrum" and uhmm well the other names aren't that cool cause they are just envelope generators and such.

I always wanted a Yamaha PSS and now I finally have one...so to celebrate that I give u a sample kit with some  drum & synth sounds from this machine so you can spend your rainy sunday afternoon with something to do...

Click here to download the sample kit (samples are in wav format)

Listen to some sounds:

A track made with the PSS380