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Korg Wavestation SR Japan 1993

I got this as royalties for doing a record instead of money...thats pretty cool to get paid in synths.
The Wavestation uses some weird wave sequencing vector synthesis method (just like the Yamaha TG33 but more advanced I think, It is also designed by the same people who made the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS).
The wavestation makes extremely evolving complex sounds ideal for soundtracks and ambient. The sound character however is a bit cold imo, it sounds very very 90s.

I haven't used it in any tracks yet maybe one day I should sit behind it and program it because I keep hearing how great it is from people.

It is a very fun synth to just play with and go through the presets because you will instantly recognize many from soundtracks (like the X-files flute and probably more then thousands and thousands of other movies and  tv series that were made in the 1990s)

MP3 demos:

Click Here for an mp3 of me going through the presets, randomly playing some stuff.

Wavestation links:

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Wavestation advertisement from 1993:

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