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Yamaha TG33 1990

The TG33 is the module version of the SY22 and SY35 vector synthesizers. You can throw together a bunch of rom waves and FM sounds in some sort of dimensional vector spacing vortex (that is a very fancy way to describe mixing four sounds together with a joystick). Apparently it was designed by the same people who made the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS.

It is a very esoteric machine giving you a soundpallette that goes from nightmarish twilightzone paranoia to soothing scenes of country pastures and deep space galaxies in between.

Here is the smackos TG33 demo I made a few years ago, just running through some presets and maybe a few own patches

TG33 Links:

Synthmania TG33 all the presets in mp3
Synthseal page about the TG33 with more mp3 demos

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