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Technics SX-K200 ??? aprox. 1982

Technics didn't only make record players and hifi stuff, they also made electronic instruments such as synthesizers and keyboards and even at least one drummachine that I know off. Recently I got my hands on a Technics SX-K200 keyboard from somewhere in the 1980s. I traded it for 2 effects pedals with this guy which I thought was a pretty good deal.  Since its a "homekeyboard" you can't edit any sounds but the presets sound pretty cool. Its all analogue synthesis going on inside which results into some beautifull hollow squarewave flute sounds and thin crispy strings, not to mention the superfunky "cosmic wah" preset and charismatic piano. Its pretty beaten up missing 2 keys but it still works fine.

There is both a polyphonic and monophonic section which you can also layer for some interesting effects. With a little imagination its like an ARP pro soloist with a Solina string machine...but then really ghetto. There is also an automatic chord accompany section and some cool (hybrid analog-lo fi samples) drum part.
Here is a little demonstration in mp3 and some close up pictures of the very sexy buttons and colourfull livery (do you actually call those things livery on a synthesizer too?).

Listen to Some improvisation dabbling

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