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I got this for free from a very friendly synthesizer musician and its really nice. The SC50 (or  is it called the SC55 I forgot) is a rompler that kind of introduced  the General MIDI concept back in the early 90s.
So you have a lot of boring PCM wave presets of real instruments, choirs, synth leads, basses, telephone rings and doorbells and a really raw sounding TR808 drumkit.
Actually I think that the SC50 has one of the best TR808 drumkits in any rompler.

Its also one of the few "synthesizers" with a remote control. Roland tried to push this thing also on the PC market or maybe they envisioned it as some kind of cyber-multimedia home listening device (remember the 90's were full of these multimedia devices that are lost in obscurity). People could jam out on General MIDI files in their living room as the next step after the Compact Disc or Phillips DCC. Wow!

The strange SC55 remote control

Hear the soundcanvas in action in this track 808TRsoundcanvaspainting