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Olympus S912 Microcassette recorder

Amazing, the pinnacle of technology...microcassettes!

The Olympus S912 is a very small portable recorder that uses microcassettes.
Microcassettes are probably one of the coolest and cutest things in the world, Model 500 sings about it in of his best songs, "Future" :

techno revolution
and vast technology
enter our computer
robotic factories
brand new interface
brand new high gears

change is all around us
The future is here...

Pocket calculators and TV sets
Remote control and Micro Cassettes


If you don't know it check it out on youtube here
(That is also pretty 100% sure a Sequential Pro-One in the baseline)

The S912 is sometimes used to make 'field recordings' or maybe it would be more suited for clandestine recordings...I dunno...like spies do...top secret stuff...maybe one day I can make an album of secretely recorded conversations in all kinds of public transports, just like Scanner did back in the days with mobile phones.
You can hear it on the Smackos - Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research album, were I made field recordings (together with the slightly bigger Sony Cassettecorder) in the forests of the pacific northwest.

Also, the Franz Falckenhaus album "Secret Microcassettes" was released on a microcassette.

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