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A very simple mini analogue synth with sequencer and 3 analogue organ rhythmbox style drumsounds. Things that are cool: Very squelchy acid-type sounds are possible reminding me of the Korg MS10, filter is superjuicy and raw. Things that are not cool: You can save only 1 pattern in the memory which kinda make it sucks for playing live cause the ribbon keyboard pad isnt the tightest to play on except if you are a gnome and have mini fingers. Melodic stuff is somehow difficult to play/program...despite that I kinda like this thing cause its superfun to play with (it can also run on batteries and has a build in speaker)

Listen to some sounds:

Weird psychotic acid is what this little box excells at

More psychotic acid

Squelchy juiciness and uhm psychotic acid

The Version 2 update adds stuff like Sample & Hold LFO waveforms

Acidline changing into sync sound

Dafuck?!!Monotribe!?? (with some added Yamaha RX drums later on)