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Korg Mono/Poly 1981

You don't know-what lurks in the fog"

A very exotic and (somewhat underrated) powerful synthesizer. This is the third time I have one,  somewhere in the early 90s I traded my first Mono/Poly for a Roland MKS100 sampler, probably the most stupidest deal I ever made, but back then I really wanted to have a sampler, and samplers were really magic pieces of technology in the early 90s...Somewhere in 2003  I bought my second Mono/Poly and made the Klaus Weltman album with it , I sold it again...realizing in 2007  that I was crazy and bought one again....

The Mono/Poly is unique, in that it has 4 oscillators which you can either play polyphonic or monophonic. You can set each oscillator to a different pitch and waveform, stack them or use the chord memory on them for some very rich sounding analog sounds.

There is also a very good  arpeggiator which you can use on the chord memory-ed sound or even freakier, use it in the polyphonic mode so it will switch between the 4 osccillators....and you can use portamento in between that too!

For some strange reason the Mono/Poly never really made it into a cult status it should deserve...some monophonic synthesizers that offer way less in sound and function are sometimes twice or three times  the price of a Mono/Poly on the second hand market.

I found the original Korg demo cassette from 1981 that came with my first Mono/Poly, I made 2 mp3's from it, it pretty much lets you hear the Mono/Poly's sonic capabilities:

check out the Jenglish "This is the play mainly  with Mono/Poly

Side A MP3

Side B MP3

The Klaus Weltman "Cultus Island"album from 2004 was made entirely with a Korg Mono/Poly, here are some snippets:

Klaus Weltman - The Japanese Ornitologist

Klaus Weltman - Rite of the Swedish Girls

Klaus Weltman - Living in a Sad World

Klaus weltman interview

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