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The small micro version of the first Clavia Nord modular synthesizer, basicly its a quarter of a big one with only 3 knobs (the fourth knob is for volume).
Like with the other Nord modulars you can edit it on a computer using the clavia software, putting hundreds of modules together in a virtual enviroment and then you can run it as a standalone synthesizer.
It can hold up 99 different modular patches, you can also add an external MIDI controller so you have more knobs to control the sound.

I put a big Electro Harmonix sticker on it, and fake wooden sidepanels, which you can barely see on the picture.

Here are some mp3 sound examples from patches I made for the Micromodular, all 100% micromodular in one patch (with some little analog delay from the mixer):

Drexciyan Jazzfunk interval patch by turning the knob the sound automaticly changes a few notes while some noodling is going on in the background
Simple synth riff, drums and drone the volumes and  filters are controlled by the knobs, first a synth sequence comes in, then some analog drumsounds and after that a raw dronish sound.
John Carpenter-ish chaos noodle a random filtered noise sound is mixed with some other synth stuff
Rough synth sequence a bright and rough synth sequence with some noodling.
Exotic birds synthetic bird sounds with some other stuff, very Jesse Franco scarcely clad girls and zombies sound
Star Trek atmosphere  a phasing atmosphere patch that somehow reminds me of Star Trek, that reminds me I must make a Star Trek tribute album soon.

The Clavia Modular editor software on a PC computer

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