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KORG MICROKORG (2) Japan 2002

You just gotta love the Microkorg, small, lightweight but incredible powerfull. Playerhaters that hate on this thing are just dumb and probably never programmed a synthesizer in their lives and just play the stupid presets, which are by all means really awfull. The sound is somewhere between the old Korg Poly 800 and a Jupiter 8 (yeah a Jupiter 8 yes basicly because you can arpeggiate the *$#*% out of everything in all directions). I have a bunch of these lying around they are all battered and f*cked up from playing live gigs with them over the years, but somehow they still work.

Its a pretty advanced V.A (virtual analog) synthesizer with the basic analog waveforms and a dozen or so more exotic waves from the old KORG DW8000 synthesizer (see the DW6000 article here), multimode filter, the usual LFO's and envelopes, some cool FX and a pretty decent vocoder.

Listen to some sounds from the Korg Microkorg:

Detroit Style Pad

Simple Arpeggio

Simple Arpeggio 2

Pad + Synth

Exotic Ambiance

Synth Weirdness

Seagulls + Waves + Synth


Synthesizer Rhodes

Dark powerbass

Sketches of Gyrocire

Tracks that use the Microkorg:

A lot of tracks on the Smackos Computer Day album used the Korg Microkorg, like Driving home with a computer and Radioshack

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