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KORG X5 & 05R/W Japan 1993

Do you want the sound of an airbrushed native american chief on a motorcycle with palm trees and a flying eagle in the background?
If you happen to do you need a KORG X5, its all in there and more in this ultimate early 1990s new age dolphin training soundscape synthesizer!

The X5 is a simple rompler that uses AI2 synthesis which basicly means you throw in a bunch of waveforms into some envelopes and a simple filter.
That sounds boring if it wasnt for the weird esoteric exotic waves they put in these things, it excells at stuff like native american pads, seashore soundscapes, panflutes, x-files whistles etc.
Great for ambient/soundtrack/weird stuff...I just love these off the map synthesizers!

There are a couple of versions of the KORG X5 series:

The 05R/W which is the module rack version and came first in 1993

The standard X5 synthesizer which came out in 1994 or something

The X5D and X5DR also exist which are almost the same except they have a few more waves and more polyphony (thats how much keys you can press at the same time)

Listen to some sounds of the KORG X5 & 05R/W:

Dolphin Exorcism: sit back and relax....imagine a quiet village on the New England coast with a Dolphin that has been possesed but the church sends in their top priest to perform this strange exorcism...dolphins meet H.P Lovecraft!

Bass sequence: there is no resonance in the X5's filter but you can do some pretty cool modest filter stuff still with the cut off

Arizona Gasstation Sunset: Tumbleweed flies through the desolate desert road as your car stops at a mysterious gasstation

Native airbrush dreamcatcher

Science Documentary Sounds

Dark evil soundscape

Japanese Sea: There are some cool exotic instruments in the X5

Silicon Valley 81: The X5 also has some more normal synthesizer waves like square and some Prophet VS ones