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The hippest smallest cheapest synths selling like hotcakes all over the planet. You can get these at the supermarket and gasstation next to the windowcleaner and M&M's probably by now.
The original monotron was pretty useless as a synthesizer you could only play horrible out of tune bleeps and filter those, but it made a nice lo-fi filterbox to put an audio
signal through (A Yamaha DX100 through a monotron is pure beauty!)

The Monotron Delay is kinda of the same affair but with a very cool dirty analog delay build in. So what we have here is a supercool analog filter + analog delay in one box
for next to nothing. Some people are complaining about the noisy soundquality but those dumb foolz dont understand that noise is the essence of deeper sounds. The carrier of
our souls and dimensional time transmissions, the spectrum of our unseen universe and lots more.

The Monotron DUO seems like the first monotron you can actually play a melody on, its little keyboard is actually in pitch with normal conventional scales...
Its got key scale settings on the back to change to chromatic and pentatonic scales and some more.
Its called DUO cause it has 2 oscs you can detune so you can play intervals. Nice eerie mysterious sounds can be made with this little box.

Listen to some sounds:

Monotron Delay

Monotron Duo