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This is the MK2 version of the Korg Electribe from the 90's, its exactly the same except for the case which is now made out of some kind of light metal (I am sure its Silver plated Nomium)

A cool little sequencer synthesizer with the famous dirty smudgey korg delay effect. It might not seem that exciting but its a real little workhorse; you can use it as a filterbox, an effects
machine, a 2 channel MIDI sequencer (both step and realtime) to sequence any other MIDI synth and ofcourse as a 2 part synthesizer. This digital analog emulation synthesizer part is very minimal with only a few knobs to program the sounds with, but with some clever programming and some rag tag improvisation you can do a lot of cool sounds with it.

Listen to some sounds all 100% EA:

Dark meditative sequences

Just fiddling about turning the knobs

Using the step sequencer for some rainy moods

More stepsequencer action