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KORG Kaossilator japan 2007 

A cheap preset phrase synthesizer using the kaosspad as a controller.
You move your fingers on an X-Y pad and control the pitch and timbre of one of the hundred preset sounds. If you move your finger to the right the notes go up and if you put your finger up the filter goes open, stuff like that.

A lot of the sounds are really bad and cheesy but there are some badass (though instantly recognizable) patches such as the B45 synthbass and a few of the leadsounds.
The coolest thing is that you can select the scale you want to play in, which automaticly quantazises your finger movements in the right notes.
There are some nice exotic scales such as Japanese, Gypsy, all them old plato greek ones etc.etc.etc. The Kaossilator also has an arpeggiator and an unlimited layer phrase recorder with just one pattern of 4 bars maximum.
The soundquality is quite ghetto and it distorts easily when recorded I noticed, but that might be my own fault too

I wouldnt dispose this thing as being a  toyish gadget as many people do, it can be very inspiring and with the XY pad you have a very expressive playing technique that goes beyond normal  keyboard playing.
Its a pity Korg didn't imply this in a real synthesizer yet (its big brother follow up the Korg Kaossilator Pro proved to be a big dissapointment imo)

A lot of tracks on the Satomi Tamaya's Portopia album were made with this thing, using a Korg MS20 filter to spice it up a bit, like this track:

Some more Kaossilator tracks:

Across the Japanese Sea
(from Satomi Tamaya's Portopia album)
Chief Inspector Frost (Played by Sweater Cat)
Mt.Hood (Recorded by smackos on Mt.Hood Oregon)

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