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Roland JX3P 1983 - 1985

The JX3P is a standard 2 DCO analog synth with a pretty much 'plastic' analog sound (The JX8P and JX10 have a much more wooley warmer sound). It does good strings, stacatto synth and brass sounds but stuff like bass sounds aren't its strongest points.  Now
this would be a pretty uneventfull synthesizer if it wasn't for its genius build in polyphonic (!!!) step sequencer which can be triggered by any Roland drummachine with a trigger output. Just hit write and hit any chord or notes after each other and they will be programmed in step by step. There's some cool led system in the patch buttons so you know where you are with your step programming and you can transpose the sequence while its playing.
Since I got it a few years ago I've used this thing a lot. At one time I even had 2 JX3Ps running sequences triggered by a TR808.

The JX3P has a loose programmer called the PG300 which attached itself to the JX3P with magnets. You can still program the JX3P without the programmer pretty easily.

I also like the design of the JX3P, it might one of the most beautifull synths in my studio, sleek and colourfull with "shiney" plastic silver painted buttons.

Some tracks with the JX3P:

Telcom  Mountain Computer is entirely 2 JX3Ps with its sequencers synced together. Taken from Smackos' Computer Day album

Moose computer The typical JX3P sync lead sound.  A lot of JX3P is on this album.
Juneau keeps on raining the fast chord riff and the haunting strings are JX3P

JX3P TIP for TR808 style sequence lights:
There is a function that lets the lights of the patch buttons follow the sequence (like the TR808), its pretty useless but it looks cool and you can impress people with it. To do this hold pause while pressing the sequencer start button.

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