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Roland Jupiter 8   1981 - 1984

"Big Jim"

This is probably one of the greatest polyphonic synthesizers ever made, a roughed design classic with a magic sound.

The sound is dreamy..so dreamy you might think it has got effects build in (but it doesn't). I think this is the most 'esoteric' in the Jupiter series (The Jupiter 4 is just plain rawness...a beast, the 6 is more clean plasticy and aggresive in the mid range). You just hold your arm on the keyboard and it sounds like Kitaro (I am not sure if this is a good thing). Its pretty straightforward in the synthesis architecture, the usual more advanced 'bi-trimbal' 2 oscie substractive synth, but the sound, created by very well designed Japanese circuits, and slider controls make this a very sought after expensive synthesizer.

It is mostly used for soundtrack work and on you can hear it on the smackos Age of Candy Candy & Waiting for the Red Bear albums
You can also hear it on the Duneman soundtrack

Jupiter 8 Trivia:

only around 2000 Jupiter 8's were made

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