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Roland Jupiter 4 1978 - 1982

"The Force"

This is the cheapest Jupiter on the market, and often discriminated as being an "organ preset synth" by people who don't know stuff.

But actually this is the best jupiter, in my opinion. 

Why? First of all it looks cool...and it sais "Compuphonic" in a big 70ies retro computer font on the top.
Next...the sound..I have seldomly heard such lush drifting magic analog fuzzness. It sits next to the Moog Minimoog in the analog realm...and it does this with only 1 oscillator per voice! 1 measly oscillator (and a sub oscillator, very comparable to the Juno layout)...a discrete oscillator with transistors, no SSMs or CEMs but thrustworthy discrete circuits that fly all over the place when it comes to drifting electricity.

Add some crazy modulation possibles with a superslow or fast LFO and Ringmodulator like effects, a buttery thick VCF, a superb arpeggiator, patch memory (we are talking 1978 here, it was one of the first synths with memory) and VCA EG that can be overdriven at the slightest touch (there is even a LED for this!!!)...and all this results in a beautifull synthesizer with an imense characteristic pallette. You can check out the sound on some tracks on the Smackos - The Age of Candy Candy CD...like this one.

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