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Casio MT-70 Japan 1983

Some more synthesizer studio talk this week with the Japanese Casio MT-70 keyboard from 1984
We got this one last week from the internet classifieds for next to nothing...not sure how it was
going to sound we just went for its cool looks. Apparently it used to come with a barcode reading
pen with which you could scan music books from Casio and load up the internal MT70 sequencer
with the usual WHAM and Christmas carols. I am glad we were spared this ordeal by the absence
of this pen. Soundwise it does some cool haunting organ sounds and all other sounds (apart from
the harp/celeste preset or whatever) sound like this organ sound. Probably using some early
digital additive sinewave synthesis sounding a bit like a really ghetto CZ-synth series.

The coolest thing is the built in analog drummachine with some crips pure old skool beatbox magic!

Furthermore there is a one note-a-time step sequencer, A pretty useless arpeggiator, some really
crap autochord accompaniment, sustain and vibrato effects. The drums are really coolest the part!
Here is a little demo I made...everything is the MT-70 except the duhhh dihhh dahhh vocal sample:

and here is a zip with samples from the MT-70 drums