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CASIO MT540 Japan 1987

A cool little ultracheap homekeyboard from the late 80s with nice warm preset sounds and some ghetto-ass drums.
Its got some nice touches such as MIDI and an ambient atmosphere sound generator called "Sound Effect"; this plays endless algorhythmic soundscape/atmospheres of sea, forest, rain, summerevening etc. sounds. Maybe it was intended as some new age meditation keyboard or for people to just like to listen to it while smoking weed...whatever its purpose its a cool feature
especially cause the sound effect buttons are made out of turqouise rubber with diagonal embossed stripes.

Listen to some sounds of the Casio MT540:

Beyond the Forbidden Lighthouz, you just gotta love that Commodore 64ish Beyond the Forbidden Forest-string

Magical Forest: Esoteric forest stream sounds with some vibraphone preset jam

Going through all the sounds with the rain soundscape generator on the background

Drums and newsflash sound

Drones and Droids