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Commodore AMIGA 1200 USA 1992

Since the early 90s the commodore Amiga has been used a lot in Legowelt productions, for sequencing, sampling or just for about everything. It all started on an Amiga 500 (1989), then an Amiga 2000 (1990) and then an Amiga 1200 (1993 and another A1200 in 2001 or something). The Amiga 1200 is a 32 bit multitasking computer and not as some people today think some kind of 8 bit 80s computer.

The main music program I use is a Finnish program called OCTAMED, not the "professional" soundstudio version but the last normal version (from around  1992). Using the Amiga's PAULA soundchip you can sequence 4 tracks of 8 bit samples on different pitches making it a kind of really cool sampling drummachine...a really ghetto SP1200 / MPC2000 or whatever. Octamed can also sequence 32 MIDI tracks and send SYNC to perfectly sync drummachines.

Amiga sounds:
The Stars, The Universe etc. (drums are Roland JS30)
A Powerfull Vision The entire track is Octamed through a Korg MS20.

The original Amiga 500

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