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The cheapest in the JUNO series, often mistaken for a homekeyboard but a wolf in sheeps clothing! A Drexciyan secret superweapon and an instant rave classic!

This is the most exotic sounding of all the Juno's, maybe not so warm and wooley but certainly more juicy and creamy and tighter..sporting a superliquid funky portamento, a keyboard with
aftertouch and velocity sensitivity and ofcourse, praise the lord, a CHORD MEMORY! For those who don't know what that is: you can hold a chord, press the chord memory button and then you can play that chord with one finger monophonicly with portamento too if you want, instant deepness!!!!!!!

The Alpha JUNO series (and its module version the MKS50) are pretty similar in the synth dept. as the 106/60/6; a 1 DCO analog polysynth with some little extra nicknacks added such as a DCO pitch envelope. Unlike the other JUNOS there are no sliders and it uses tip touch buttons, thats probably why its so cheap compared to the other ones but its easy to edit with the buttons and even easier to connect any standard MIDI controller and edit from there. Back in the days ROLAND made the PG300 controller for this series but I dont have that one but then again I dont really need it.

Roland made a couple of versions of the ALPHA JUNOs. Apart from their looks they all sound the same:

the Alpha JUNO 1, which has a four octave keyboard and no aftertouch and velocity

the Alpha JUNO 2 which has a 5 octave keyboard and aftertouch and velocity on the keyboard.

the mysterious HS10 Synthplus 10 which is an Alpha Juno 1 with slightly different button colors and 1 built in speaker.

the even more mysterious HS80 Synthplus 80 a giant homekeyboard version of the JUNO 2 with 2 build in speakers

the MKS50 a rack version of the Alpha Juno

Like a lot of Roland products of that era the aftertouch doesnt work anymore on most ALPHAs today but yeah whatchamagonnadoaboutthat...

Listen to some sounds of the Alpha JUNO:

Pulsewidth pads + some random poly sounds

Soft pads, effects and John Carpenter style bass

Resonant sweeps combined with chord memorized strings

Alpha Juno portamento organ sound filtered and layered with strings

Alpha Juno bass

One of the most famous Alpha Juno sounds

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