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Korg MS20 1978 - 1983

One of the great classic Japanese synthesizers from the late 70's and early 80s. Its the bigger brother of the MS10 . Its got  two oscillators, a low and highpass filter, 2 envelope generators and a ring modulator and lots of modular patch holes to expand its sonic power. Strangely enough it doesn't  have PWM modulation (one of the more powerfull functions on the MS10) but it has more than enough other exotic functions not availbale on the MS10.

One of the great things is the external signal processor which is basicly a pitch-to-cv/gate converter, you can connect any instrument or audio signal and the processor will play it on the MS20. It can also recieve triggers from any signal, for example, you can hook up any drummachine audio signal and program some electronic hihat sounds on the MS20 and it will play nicely along with the drummachine.

The sound is very rough, not so much warm...it doesn't do very deep basses and stuff but its great for weird exotic effect sounds, synthesized drumsounds and nasal leads.

Some tracks that have the MS20 in them:

(the filtered synth) From Legowelt - Dark Days

The Lonelyness of Irena Karlstein (Almost everything is MS20 including the bass). From Smackos - The Age of Candy Candy

A Powerfull Vision Sounds from the Amiga 1200 are run through the MS20's filters. From Legowelt - Amiga Railroad Adventures

The Return of Squadron X9 Electronic hihats and percussion from the MS20, triggered from bassdrum a QY70
From Legowelt - The Rise and Fall of Manuel Noriega.

This Korg Folder from 1984 still had the MS20 in it, but I am pretty sure they had ceased production by then.


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