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Korg Poly 800 mk II Japan 1987

We would like to say hello to our newest studio acquisition: The Korg Poly 800 MKII
Pure lo-fi analog dripping 24dB resonant filter woolyness!

This is a sort of updated version of the classic poly 800 synthesizer, which we used to
have in the studio but it got sold some time ago. The MK2 version has some differences:
It is black instead of grey, Its got a littlebit better MIDI (not much tho), more sequencer
memory, some say it has a different filter and faster envelopes (I dunno about that) but
the main difference is that the chorus has been replaced by a really weird digital delay.

Now this is super cool because delay makes everything expand into the realm of dimensional
existence...the sound becomes more alive travelling in space and time. Especially with this
super ghetto digital delay we got here! Sporting its own LFO to modulate the delay time
making for some very spaced out freakness!  Check out this song all 100% multitrack Poly800mk2!