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YAMAHA PSR-D1 DJX Japan 1999.
"Dance" homekeyboard

I found this at a local thriftstore for around 50 euros, I always secretly wanted to get one of these things but I couldn't say that in public because its a homekeyboard and therefore not macho enough in the synthesizer prestige nerd world. A world were you get scenepoints if you have the most expensive biggest modular synthesizer even though you can most probably just make some complex bleeep sounds with it to impress other modular synthesizer owners on how smooth and logarhythmic your LFO is, or something. Boooooooooooooooooooooooorring

Anyways you can imagine my happiness

283 sounds, drumbanks, arpeggiator, Sampler, 6 track step and realtime sequencer, Effects, ribbon touch controller and build in speakers.

It is a keyboard and not a synthesizer for the most part, you can't really make your own sounds but you can tweak the filter, envelopes, LFO and put some effects over the
preset sounds. A lot of these sounds aren't the hottest in the world, especially if you have things like 1990's hiphouse vocal samples saying "Yo Get Up!", "Oh Babe" and "One More Time!" but then again there are a few nice sounds bustling with character and dark ambience.

Yamaha produced two other products in their "DJX" series the DJXII which is a horrible weird scratching DJ toy with tramp stamp tribal tatoo pictures on it for Bro Springbreak parties and then there was another keyboard called the DJX II or something, its not quite clear cause Yamaha called all these things DJX...anyways that DJX II keyboard reeeeeeally sucks compared to the PSR-D1 so don't even go near it.

Listen to some of the sounds from this board

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