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BOSS Dr. RHYHTM DR 660 Japan 1992.
The ghetto house dancemania drummachine
You all know the TR909 TR808 and TR707 as legendary house drummachines, going for crazy prices (well except the 707 maybe but its going there)...yet there is one legendary drummachine
used in zillions of chicago house productions, rocking hard and never went more expensive, on the contrary it has even dropped in price in the last few years and for less then a 100 bucks or euries you can  acquire a legendary easy to use drummachine designed by none other then Roger Linn!

Behold: the mighty BOSS DR660!

whole productions were made on just this machine, apart from sh*tloads of drum sounds it also has a bunch of (synth)bass sounds which you can program to the pads in different pitches and then play a melody. Check out DJ TOPCAT - "I need weed in my life" one of my all time favorite BOSS DR660 ghetto house tracks from the year 1996 which is all DR660:

Pure GENIUS. That and pretty much every dancemania ghetto house record around that time used the BOSS DR660

So what does this box conciel to the unsuspected eye:

- 255 drumsounds including a lot of the classic TR808, TR909 (no 909 hihats though) and the legendary dog barking sound
- You can edit the sounds pretty extreme change pitch decay etc.
- Retard proof user interface designed by Roger Linn, just press record and play select your drumkit and play the pads to record a pattern
- 16 velocity sensitive drumpads (32 if you press the pad bank button, so thats 32 sounds per drumkit)
- Effects, delay reverb and CHORUS (yes chorus on a drummachine) which you can turn into a flanger too for some weird spaced out stuff
and some other stuff

I used this thing on countless of Legowelt records and ofcourse the first European 2005 dancemania style ghettohouse project SMACKULATOR - Kicked to da Curb EP which I did with DJ Speculator which is all just pure 100% BOSS DR660

The sleeve of the 2005 Smackulator EP which ranked high in the most incoherent badly designed artwork top 10 of that year

Some soundsnippets from the Boss DR660 through the Ghetto Compressor:


Dirty Rap beats

Sleazy beats


Can't find a DR660 or its out of your reach....don't worry:
Download the special compressed Smackos DR660 sample kit with a fine exquisite selection out of the 255 DR660 sounds!
Click here to download (ZIP file 5,8 MB, 110 WAV samples)

just a bunch of classic samplers to put your DR660 samples in



DR110 really has nothing to do with the 660 family but a cool analog drummachine somewhere in between a TR808 and TR606 from 1983 or something

DR220a the missing link between the DR 110 and 550...well not quite but it sounds interesting. A very simple lofi drumachine with a few sampled sounds from the mid 80s

DR220e the same as the 220a but its silver and instead of black and the "realistic" drumsounds are replaced with more electronic style ones.

DR550 In the late 80s we are getting closer to the DR660 but Roger Linn didnt come in yet, looks almos the same but the interface is not yet there....
DR550 MK2 the same as the DR550 but with a few more sounds and bigger memory

DR770 pretty much the same as the 660 but with a lot more memory and sounds (including CR78 and 909 hihats and even some TR606 sounds) its also blue
DR880 dunno know much about it as I never played one but its seems very different from the 660

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