This is the 5th incarnation of my studio in my haunted mansion
build on the ruins of an ancient Monastery burial ground

Synthesizers Keyboards etc. That have been floating around the studio
one time or another:

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08
Sequential Circuits Sixtrak
Sequential Circuits Pro One info
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 info

Roland JD800
Roland D50
Roland Alpha Juno 2 info
Roland Juno 6. 60 & 106 info
Roland Super JX10 info
Roland JX3P info
Roland MT-100 info
Roland Jupiter 4 info
Roland Jupiter 8 info
Roland SC55 info
Roland SH101 info
Roland MKS100 info

Crumar Bit 99

Casio MT-520
Casio MT-540 info
Casio MT-70 info
Casio SK1
Casio CZ101

Korg DW 6000 info
Korg Mono/Poly info
Korg Microkorg info
Korg X5D info
Korg EA1- MK2 info
Korg Wavestation SR info
Korg Poly Six info
Korg Trident info
Korg MS10 info
Korg MS20 info
Korg Poly 800 info
Korg Poly 800 MK2 info
Korg Monotron Delay & Duo info
Korg Monotribe info
Korg Kaossilator info
Korg MicroStation
Korg MicroSampler
Korg Electribe ESX & EMX

Technics SX-K 200 info

Jen SX1000 info

Elka EK22 info

Kawai K1 II
Kawai K4R info

Moog Minimoog

Yamaha PSS 380 info
Yamaha DX7, DX7IID info
Yamaha DX21 info
Yamaha DX100
Yamaha TG33 info
Yamaha FB01 info
Yamaha PSR-D1 DJX info

Clavia Nord Modular G2X info
Clavia Micro Modular info
Clavia Nord Rack

Bonzo Co. Roll Up Keyboard info

Novation Nova info

Baldwin Funmachine info

Drummachines, sequencing etc:

Roland TR808
Roland TR707
Boss DR660 info
Boss DR770
Commodore Amiga 1200 with Octamed info
Yamaha RM1X
Yamaha QY70
Roland MC500
Apple & PC computers running Ableton & Reason

Recording etc:

Inkel MX995 Mixer
Tascam 424 mk2 Four Track Cassette Recorder
Tascam 133 Cassette Deck
Phillips N4522 Reel to Reel
Revox G36 Reel to Reel
Teac X-1000 Reel to Reel
Sony Cassette-corder info
Olympus s912 microcassette recorder info
Yamaha HS50 Monitors
Dynaudio BM5 Monitors
Alesis Monitor One MK2 Monitors


Colorsound Wahwah
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb
Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter
Evans Echopet EP100 & EP50
Watkins Copicat Solid State Echo (2)
Realistic Stereo reverb system


Old studio circa 2009

Old studio circa 2009

TEAC X1000 Reel-to-reel with the mighty Roland TR808

Me next to a rare Rhodes Chroma, originally ARP's "last synthesizer"...I sold it
because the build in fan just kept making too much noise

The sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 sampler, a 12 bit sampler with really dirty
analog filters & VCA, arpeggiator and even some build in synthesizer waves

Phillips N4522 master reference recorder next to my old Tascam M3700 mixer

Old studio in the attic circa 2005

ARP Pro Soloist above a Roland Jupiter 4

Casio's 1980's flagship CZ1 synthesizer above an Akai S900

The old Yamaha CS50 I think I traded it for a Roland JX10 5 years ago

Moog Minimoog and ARP Avatar in the back, Roland Juno 106 + Electro
Harmonix Memory Man Delay in the front