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The Psychic Stewardess - Spiritual Foundation CD SLR037
releasedate March 2010

The Psychic Stewardess is a part time stewardess and psychic from the Californian desert town of Palm Springs. With her wooley and smudgey Detroit electronics she will take you to places you have never been...

Tracklisting and mp3 snippets:
1. Frosty Wings

2. Stratoculumus

3. Spiritual Foundation

4. Night Service

5. Detroit Rainbows of Darkness

6. Telepathic Synthesis System

7. Falcon Watch

8. Ghost Apparitions

9. Winter Wonderland Tape Smudge

10. E.S.P Training Center

11. Paranormal Section

12. Routes

13. Shinobi Theme

14. Green Lands

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