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Satomi Tamayama - Portopia CD SLR039
releasedate March 2010

A new artist signed on Strangelife records, all the way from Japan. Satomi Taniyama, a garbage man from Oda in the shimane prefecture, send us a bunch of cassette tapes influenced by the Portopia serial murder case (One of Japan's first and most famous text adventures). Using old broken instruments found in the line of his work he  brings us one of the most exotic strange life releases so far!

Tracklisting and mp3 snippets:
1. Window Fish

2. Renzoku Satsjuin Jiken

3. Bar Soda Cherise

4. Century

5. Simulations of a Garbage Truck

6. Phillipine Sea

7. Hotel Five Star

8. Assistant Yazu

9. Kyoto Blues

10. Macau Connection

11. Shimane Dreams Foxes and Secret Squirrels

14. Across the Japanese Sea

15. Unfamiliar Tango

16. Speculations by a Man

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