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Phalangius - The Cambridge Library Murders SLR018 CD
released december 2007

An album about English eccentrics, Infocom text adventures, mathematical theorems, ZXspectrums and murder mysteries. 18 tracks played solely on a Roland Juno 6 synthesizer without MIDI or sequencers and recorded on dusty cassettes for extra warm woolyness. Cover artwork designed by Kongshuttle

listen to some MP3 snippets:
  1. The Cambridge Library Murders
  2. Solomon 2- 35
  3. Antropological Museum
  4. Moon Clock
  5. Train Robbery
  6. Aulton Marsh
  7. Theme from Andrew Wiles
  8. Infocom Nights
  9. Falcklands Flashback Assault on Goose Green
  10. Meridian Puzzles
  11. Scotland Yard Teabreak
  12. Blakes Seven Convention Lunch
  13. Juno 6-2
  14. Cold Front Approaching
  15. Snowman Theorem
  16. Gloster Meteor
  17. Sniclair Spectrum
  18. Percival Pembroke C1
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