LEGOWELT MP3's and soundbytes page

lots of mp3s & snippets from back in the days...

Classics uh or tracks I think are
(these are excerpts or low quality mp3s of the tracks, you can get the complete tracks at your local dealer or on the internet somewhere)
Congo Zombie
over the top epic zombie song released on bunker in 2002 on Bunker

Apollo Park
retardedly simple yet one of the deepest jams to come from the hands of Legowelt

DX Days
Released on clone records a few years ago

Night of the Illuminati
From the cult Squadra Blanco album with some badass Casio CZ1 bass-synth

Flight of the Jupiter
Dunno about this one but it was on a k7 mix album from James Holden so I guess it must be good
Interesting trivia about this track: There is no Jupiter in this track, its all made with a Yamaha RM1X

ok lets cut the crap with classics, you can check those on youtube too, lets check some:

Unreleased Stuff:
Found in the depths of cassettes, DATs, Reels, harddisks; Never released, demos, leftovers, just forgotten, crap or recent jams. Free for you to download and listen. update: I found some more old crap on cassettes, check it out:

16thstr Goonz Acid  download
Lofi smack acid recorded in San Fransisco

U Feel My 101 download
Hypnotic 101 bleep track

California Games download
Aquatic Surfing Techno

Jalapeno Acid  download
Another smack acid track recorded in San Fransisco

Celestial Luv 222  download
From the TASCAM 4 track: TB303 & Korg KPR madness with Jamie Principle Our Love sample

The Habanero Life  download
already a nortieno cult rave classic

Acid High School  download
2 SH101's bubbling away

Snowing Again  download
A Lost Twilight Moose Track Alaskan Detroit Electro style

Urkel Overdrive download
SH101 meets Steve Urkel

TV show with cats on the beach  download

Oldschool Paradise  download
Shuffly House Organ Jam

MT32track95 download
uhmyeah this is very very APHEX style

Beautifull Rain download
SABER records style house track

All I know of Luv download

Yeti Ski Resort download

Stars don't shine in the city download

We live in a time now  download

What Time Is It????? download
SH101 TR808 Acid track

Boston Zombie Main Theme download

Africa download

Teen Romance download

The One's Lets get it straight Instrumental dub  download
This is an instrumental dub version of a remix I did for an English band called The One, which vocal version was released a while ago. Outsmudged tape all the way.

Journey to a New Dream   download

Tandy Lighthouse  download

Riker Theme  download
Misunderstood by Trekkies all over the world its time to give this guy some tunes

Over the World download
A smudgey cassette evaporated deep house jam which definitely needs some remastering and editting

Walking in the rain feel so fine download
Yes thats a Danny Pearson sample at the end of the track, totally out of sync and tune, It was just mixed in "on the fly" from another cassette tape.

1995 Acidsubmerged (circa 1995) download
I guess I tried to make some kind of UR acidtechno clone with this, It aint no final frontier thats for sure.

Piramids of Mars (circa 1992) download
shit aint get older then this 90s ambient electronica with cheesy samples (Back then you had to spend weeks watching BBC to spot a sample like that. First one who knows were that sample comes from gets a prize)

Porkchop: Blood by Honour download

Alfred J Kwak soundtrack-achtig (circa 1993) download

Rustigaan1994 (circa 1994) download 

Rejoice M-Astro Unit Exalt download

Legowelt Cover of Ron Hardy Love & Happiness download


MoonshuttleDXbass techno jeweetoch

I think this was released but only on some obscure cd, exaltic chicago acid

Trac for Moses
no-nonsense old school rawwwww hypnotic chicago jack tracking with 30$ Behringer compression

Atlantic Shores


Amazonian Arpeggiator


Cosmic Apache

International Theme from Alf

LegoDose Japanese Industry Documentary Music
DJ Overdose & Legowelt trying to make some exploitation electrofunk

Fumio Hayasaki's Seven Samurai Legowelt Cover Extended version

TR909Yamaha 154 style

Japan Synthesizer

Soundcanvas TR808 Quest

Waterplane Adventure download
Drexcian style 70s electrospyjazzfunk

Legowelt & B.P.Durutti - Dstrings over the World
Detroit jam made with Bonaventura Pouya Durutti on the Zoom 1201 multi FX and Yamaha QY70.


The Nightwind download

The Day of Days Will Come download

Weird Stuff:
Trailers, Leaders, Intros etc. for movies, radio and just plain weird stuff goes here

new International Theme From Wubbo Ockels  download

Cosmic Isolation Intergalactic FM Dreammachine intro  download

I am Champagne download

Radio commercial for Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research download

Skywatcher radio trailer

Ambient Stuff:

Teighnmouth Electron  download

Herodes  download

Sketches of GYROCIE download

Peacock Room (unreleased Phalangius)  download

That point where the Cityhopper flies over the Thames estuary (unreleased Phalangius) download

Elite Galaxy: A tribute to David Braben & Ian Bell (unreleased Phalangius) download

Legowelt Airwave Synthesis unknown track download
this is from an ultra ultra rare abmient cassette that came out after the Space Force cassette somewhere in 1997/1998. I probably only made 5 copies, I will try to record it and put the whole thing online soon.

Legowelt also did some:


Elefanten Boots a short film about a bear who escapes from the zoo and a cold war agent that has to track him down.
Made with a Jupiter 8, DX7 and Rhodes Chroma synthesizer
click here to see the movie online

Beyond Infinity  a short movie made by Digital Kitchen from Seattle for Microsoft. Two computer programmers discover artificial intelligence.
click here to see the movie online

Mindquest a commercial for Microsoft made by Digital Kitchen. Made with a Jupiter 4 and Roland Juno 6 synthesizer
click here to see the movie online

For the freaks here is the old soundbytes page

If you still dont have enough check out the Legowelt official Soundcloud page