A bunch of software I made, mostly Effects for Ableton and Commodore 64 stuff
For Legowelt samplepacks check here

To use these things just drag the .adg file into an Ableton MIDI window


The Legendary Smackos 808 simulator for Ableton

Tired of all those modern Roland 808 drumkits and emulations that sound like an old soggy biscuited
sock? weak claps and small sized snares???????

You worries are over...behold the SMACKOS 808 SIMULATOR
developed by Danny Wolfers & Jimi Hellinga


Smackos 808 Simulator for Ableton 9.5 and up
download here

808 sim Junior Gnome Version for all versions of ableton between 8 and 9.5
download here

For more info click here and scroll down to 5 and 3 November


Raw TR909 drummachine for Ableton
Based on Legowelt's legendary AMIGA 909 sample floppydisc

Introducing brand new technologies such as FLOCCULENCE,  AMIGAnizer
and SKOOLY SPACE  to give u a fresh spectaculair 909 experience u never had before!!!

MAC OSX / Windows Ableton 9.5 and up

download here


The cult tape saturation simulation effect for Ableton 9 and above
  Manual in Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Issue#3 (at the end)
Audio demo on soundcloud

Mac OSX / Windows
download here


Synthesize the hottest and sleaziest claps
includes PRINCE factor for that extra linndrum-drumtrax funk claps
For Ableton 9 and up

Mac OSX / Windows
download zip file here

Software for the Commodore 64:

To run these programs you can use an emulator like VICE which runs on Mac and Windows and
even Linux and some other more obscure operating systems (see instructions at the end of this page)


A dimensional Occult Transiever
Make contact with the unseen world: ghosts & spirits and evoke paranormal activity in your own home!
Endless fun for the whole family!!! Open doors for demonic entities that will haunt you on every corner!
Simply let the computer open up the frequencies - if contact is made you can
converse with the spirit!

Link was wrong here for some time but I found the .prg file of it
just download this prg file and drag it into your Commodore 64 VICE emulator program!

and here is an MP3 of the audio cassettetape you need to insert in your hifi system!
(Just play that one instead)


Considered to be one of the worst games ever for the Commodore 64 and I am proud of it!
In this cold war text adventure (or 'interactive fiction') you take the persona of Franz Falckenhaus and
try to escape to the west. It was originally programmed in one day for an Intergalactic FM /CBS radio
auction and was part of an extremely rare Strange Life Records release of which
only one copy exists.
I am also very proud that it got cracked by a demo group you can download it here
including the demo crew cracktro (.d64 file)

The original Franz Falckenhaus release of which only 1 copy exists came with a
microcassette, the CD with music and the Commodore 64 game on cassette

Here is a youtube movie of the game with some of the music of the album:


A game developed in SEUCK - 1000% garantueed HOT ARCADE action
as you wander through the pacific northwest forests and small villages fighting
aliens, secret agents, snakes and  mega robots.
This was originally a 'promotional' gimmick after the release of the Smackos
- Computer Day album in 2007
Download it here (.d64 file)

You can watch a 'play through' with some of the Computer Day album music here:


The VICE Commodore emulator will let you emulate various old Commodore
computers like the C64, VIC20 and PET on your MAC, Windows etc. computer!
More information about this great program here

1. Download VICE for your platform
MAC OSX here or WiNdows here
or other plaftorms (AMIGA, ACORN, SunOS, OS/2, MSDOS etc.) check here 

2. Install the software

3.Open the X64 program

4. Select 'Smart Attach Disk/Tape' from the File Menu

5. Open the .D64 (or T64 of .prg) file you want to run

6. If the software uses a joystick (Like Forest of Loom) you can assign a USB joystick
or keyboard keys to emulate the joystick in the Settings Joystick menu.

7. If you want to reset the Commodore 64 emulator use "Hard Reset" in the Machine menu