LEGOWELT ARCHIVE 29 September - 7 December 2016


7 December

Brazil Tour

This weekend I will be doing a mini Brazil tour:

9 December Rio De Janeiro
more info & tickets here

10 December Sao Paulo
more info & tickets here

See u There!!!


3 December

Legowelt in Galicia

For the first time ever I will play a liveset in Galicia this monday 5 december
at the FANZINE FEST 2016 festival


3 December

Lurking In The Winter Darkness


1 December

Legowelt in Rome This Friday!!!

This Friday 2 December I'll be doing a live performance at the Teatro Quirinetta
in Rome Italy -> more info here

I didnt have a picture of the flyer or anything so I put this cool picture of Arthur C Clarke
before a Commodore Amiga 2000 running some mandlebrot FRACTAL software

See u There!!!!!!


24 November

Occult Orientated Crime Ambient DJ MIX for Video Club Bogota

A DJ mix with 64 minutes of hardcore AMBIENT a lot of stuff improvised on some synths
and samplers etc.etc.etc. Made for the VIDEO CLUB in Bogota Colombia where
I played earlier this year.

A lot of unreleased Nightwind Records stuff coming up next year
(yeah we've been a bit sloooooow this year but don't worry there is enough coming
up in the future to fill an entire expedit record shelf)

Tracklist and stuff:

Intro from Il tunnel sotto il mondo
Yasuaki Shimizu - Seiko 3
mixed with Gil Scott Heron We Almost Lost Detroit intro (Space Rhodes)
Sterre - Into The Mystery Of Life
Equalizer stirring thick sample porridge + Cronenberg movie sample
Elektrovolt - Remoteness
Ambient Spiritual Jazz played on EMAX II sampler
Dream inducing Hypnosis Frequencies
Cristian Paduaru - Bon Good Bueno
Joey Beltram - South Pacific
Occult Orientated Crime - Iwo Jima
As One - Soleil Levant
Occult Orientated Crime ??????
Meredith Monk - Boat Song + Synthesizer played over it, or underneath it!?!???
Arawak Rhythm + Synthesizers
Sven Vath - Caravan Of Emotions
Actress - Glint
Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz - Emotional Wealth Is A Dream
outro sample from Il tunnel sotto il mondo


23 November

Legowelt in Bristol This Friday!!!

Friday 25 November at the Coroners Court
Tickets and information here


15 November

Repress of POLARIUS - Winter In Polarius EP

Repress of the highly sought after Winter In Polarius EP
"Available for the first time since 2003! For all you Bathtub House cats,
here's one of your genres templates. Laid down over a decade
 ago in an Onionburg studio by Legowelt as part of the - now mythical -
Bunker Team/Global Darkness geofiction wave"

Limited repress on icey cold crystal clear vinyl!
get it here or your local dealer!


November 15

Ron Morelli  - SAMO DJ & Legowelt in Rotterdam!!!

This Saturday 19th November at the legendary BAR club in ROTTERDAM Holland
2 of the hottest DJs and Legowelt Live
more info here


November 14

Spiricom 7 playthrough

Its a rainy Thursday afternoon and Smackos & Willie Burns test Pacific Micro Internationals
SPIRICOM 7 "Interdimensional Transiever" from 2012 on a 1981 Commodore 64 computer.

The software, acting like a medium, enables you to contact and communicate with ghosts and the spirit world.
 Influenced by the likes of Jospeh Weizenbaums 1960's ELIZA psychotherapy program
 and weirder 1980s 'new agey psuedoscience lifestyle'  applications (Think Biorhyhtm calculators etc).

I originally made this as a little programming experiment in BASIC language "simulating Artificial Intelligence"
 and natural language processing...though will it break the Turing test?
 It might certainly freak some people on a dark stormy night.

The fun thing about programming this kind of 'paranormal software' is that you can make
people believe certain things with rather simple programming tricks...
But then again who knows.... maybe it really works in contacting the other world once its running
 and the 'black magic' occurs...

"in programming jargon black magic refers to code based on techniques that appear to work but which
 lack a theoretical explanation"...thats also the story of my life...

You can download the .prg file and play it for yourself on a commodore64 or emulator
check the software section on the left.


8 November

Legowelt micro Germany Tour

2 Shows in germany this weekend!

I will be doing a Live show in Berlin Friday 11th of November at the Panoramabar Berghain
more info here

And a DJ set on Saturday 12th of November at PAL Hamburg with MOIRE and more!!! more info here

See u There!!!!!!!!!


5 November

Smackos 808 Sim Junior Gnome version for Ableton 8 and up

First, lets listen to the Junior Gnome version in Action:

tweaking the different functions (be carefull for your speakers it goes pretty HOT & WILD)

Due to popular demand!!!
here is a version of the Smackos 808 Simulator that
will work with older versions of Ableton, from version 8 and up.
If you have have Ableton 9.7 please also use the original version (see below at 3 November)

Due to the limitations of older Ableton versions the sound of this Junior Gnome version is a bit
different as it has different functions:

It only has a Transistor Spread on / off function (No Transistor Spread level control)
It has a Space Expansion function (which is a reverb - nice for oldschool electro beats)
The Old Mixer gain goes pretty wild
Cassette Tape function sounds a bit different

By no means it sounds worse or more restricted, its just 'different'!

Installation is a bit different too, actually super easy:
you just download this zip, unpack it
 open the Smackos808SimulatorBversion folder

Click on the Smackos808SimJuniorGnomeVersion.als file.

Ableton will now open a project that shows the drummachine program
and some 'Hot 808 Beats'  demo patterns.

To save the 808 simulator in your ableton instrument folder permanently just
click on the mini floppydisc icon on the right upper corner of the 808simulator.

Ofcourse if you use Ableton 9.7 or higher you can always try this version too
it will work without any problems, side by side with the original one.
why not have them both for different 808 moods!


3 November

Smackos 808 Simulator

Tired of all those modern Roland 808 drumkits and emulations that sound like an old soggy biscuited
sock? weak claps and small sized snares???????

You worries are over...behold the SMACKOS 808 SIMULATOR
developed by Danny Wolfers & Jimi Hellinga

then zenith of digital TR808 emulation for Ableton 9.7 and above
sampled from my own brown classic TR808 and using highly advanced virtual nomium transistor
algorhythms - it will give you the authentic old school TR808 experience that makes you a better person
overall - and a WINNER in LIFE

so all u analog justice warriors better deal with it

check out some mp3 demos of the sound:

Check out the SPECS:

Authentic high quality professionally sampled sounds from a real TR808
including the secret trigger LAZER sound

You can set the age of the TR808 production year
you prefer a raw 1980 or a mint 1984 serial number?
or anything in between? Whatever YOU fancy!

Set the amount of dust in the 808 - for an extra soothing noisefloor!

OLD MIXER simulation -> experience the sound of the TR808 through a crappy
old 1970s or early 1980s mixer - With gain function to overdrive the sound

XPENSIVE MIXER simulation -> experience the 808 through an expensive studio mixer!

™ technology -> take the virtual circuitboard simulation of the
808 to the brink of insanity!!!

TAPE - incoorporating the SMACKOS TAPE STATION technology for that smudgey
magnetic 808

Download here
(4.3 Megabytezzz)

(use right mouse button/ 'save target as' if it doesnt download properly)

For both WINDOWS & MAC

Does only work on the latest version of ableton 9.7 and up !!!!


- open the Smackos808Simulator.ALP file

- ableton will open and will ask for a folder location to install

-now the SMACKOS 808 SIMULATOR.adg file should be in that folder
in a project folder called TEMP-3 Project

-drag the SMACKOS 808 SIMULATOR.adg file into a free MIDI Channel on your Ableton
or double click on it

-and you are ready to go!
(just enter the
drum notes in the piano roll editor window)

-you can individually tweak the volumes by just opening/expanding the channel in your
session view (with the little arrow next to the track/channel name)

all the individual sounds can be mixed seperetaly by expanding the track in the session window
you can add EQ, FX or whatever that way


3 November

Legowelt in Paris at Transient Festival

This Friday 4 November I will play a live set at the Transient festival in Paris
with PLAID & the Bee, Luke Slater, MIKA VAINIO & Many more!!!
 more information here


Canada Tour 2016

This coming weekend I will travel to Canada to do a mini tour on the eastern side
playing Toronto and Montreal!

28 October MONTREAL
Raw Feelings at The Hive
more info and tickets etc. here

29 October TORONTO
Black Box phantasm Halloween
with VIA APP
more info and tickets etc. here


25 October

Nightwind Gazette

I printed 200 copies of the Nightwind Gazette, A properly professionally printed mini zine
designed by Finnish artist Jerome Laufer/Earflu Labs inspired by the world of Nightwind
Records. You can get them for free at CLONE records in Rotterdam or they send you
a copy with mail order if you ask, check clone records
I will take a bunch to Canada too this coming weekend!

Here is a pdf version anyways


12 October

Legowelt in Prague Czech Republic

For the first time ever I will play live in Prague Czech Republic this friday 14 october
at the LUNCHMEAT festival for advanced media & technology
 with Silent Servant and Samual Kerridge and many many others!

My live concert will be supported by a special visual installation from the Blurboys:

BlurBoyz is a Hungarian quatuor of visual and light artists who have recently
been in residency at the 4DSOUND Institute and who will present
a unique installation for Lunchmeat Festival 2016 alongside Legowelt’s set.
They work with smoke, projections, mirrors, lasers and design immersive
ambiances featured with major musicians such as Biosphere, Max Cooper,
Lucy, Murcof or Pantha du Prince. As they dive into a dense atmosphere travelled
 by lights, reflecting and pulsating to the beat, spectators are invited to
 a journey where the experiences of space, sound and light blur.
 Borders are suppressed, elements merge and symbiotically interact.
The visuals specifically produced for the show are the result
of a preparatory work done in a creative residency in Prague."

More information about the festival here


11 October

Out now BAKK PLAFOND 1 Ambient LP

A new compilation ambient LP on The Hague's BAKK Records (Known from their Dark Days 3xLP
re-issue last year) This one has Legowelt's 'Wild At Heart' (which you might know from my soundcloud)
as well as ultradeep beautifull tracks from SFV Acid and  Haron!!!

Perfect music to let the rain drizzle on your window on an ominous somber
moody autumn day and get high as f****

Get it at Clone Recordstore or your local dealer!!!


6 October

Legowelt in Aalst Belgium this Saturday

This saturday 8th october I will visit the quaint village of Aalst in Belgium
to do a lecture/workshop with my homeboy Innershades at the KLANK
musician day.

We will 'discuss' how to jam an old dusty crap analog synth in the futuristic
surroundings of a modern digital software sequencer

That kind of means we are going to discuss ANALOG VS DIGITAL too
but don't worry we'll bring some new enlightened heath and oddball opinions into
this perpetual paradoxical discussion

Starts in the afternoon

 in the night there is a party where I DJ (and Innershades too)

See U There!!!

more information and tickets here


29 September

2016 Drawing Competition Results!

And here we go, the results of the grand legowelt nightwind records 2016
drawing contest :)

go here to check out all the drawings and see who has won!!!!

There is a little mix too with some raw Nightwind upcoming/demos/sketches
u can listen too while watching the pix

Thanks everyone for sending in their drawings U r the greatest!!!



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