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Last Update 21 March

heyyyy supsup welcome to legowelt.org ---> happy spring equinoxxxxxxxxx *********** See Legowelt live this Friday 24th of March at Elipamanoke Leipzig Germany !!! ****** coming in April -> Danny Wolfers' Unfolding the Future With Amateur Space Jazz on Nightwind Records will come with a graphic novel /comic whatever that is called these days ***** Keep an eye out soon for soundbytes!!! Ok thats it for today Laterzzzzzzzzzz **************

Legowelt Live in Leipzig Germany this Friday!

This Friday 24th of March I return to Leipzig to play a live show at the
Elipamanoke club. More information here


coming soon:
coming soon:
coming soon:

Danny Wolfers'

Unfolding the Future With Amateur Space Jazz

On Nightwind Records C

will come with a multifunctional refrigerator gummy sticker
and a 20 page graphic novel with the adventures of space jazz elephants

sound bytes soon, expect the release somewhere in April


Clone Records Return To The Future Tour in Lyon France

This Friday at Le Sucre Lyon France
Serge, Gerd and Legowelt live!!!


9 March

Legowelt in Paris

This saturday I will play a live performance at the machine du moulin rouge

more information here

tickets here


21 February

Legowelt in St.Petersburg - Rotterdam - Brussels

A little hopping around in europe this weekend!!!

starting Thursday 23rd of February Legowelt DJs at the
Artplay festival in St.Petersburg Russia
with Ron Morelli - Inga Mauer - Silent Servant and lots more!!!
more info here

24th of February I will DJ at the legendary BAR club in Rotterdam
starting off the CLONE RETURN TO THE FUTURE 25th anniversary tour!!!
with Space Dimension Controller, John Heckle, Gerd, Project Pablo and more
more info here

25th of February I will play a live set in the FUSE club in Brussels Belgium!!!
with Serge, Gerd and lots more!!!
more info here

See You There!


13 February

Legowelt's TEAC LIFE on Bandcamp

This is a digital re-release on bandcamp of my TEAC LIFE album I released as a free
 MP3 download on my  website in 2011.

Lots of people are always asking where they can get a high quality wav version so I decided
 to put it here on my bandcamp and make it NIGHTWIND RECORDS NW012.
It also available as FLAC, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, ACC, MP3 and other formats.

I made some fresh artwork so it fits in the Nightwind catalogue and added a bunch of tracks
that were produced in the same flow but didnt make it on the original TEAC LIFE album.

If you want it on vinyl there was a quadruple 4xLP version pressed in 2012 and a re-release
on colored vinyl in 2013 if I remember correctly, I am sure you can find a copy if you dig a little around
because they pressed quite a lot. I think the colored versions were also sold as individual 12"s.

Made entirely on a Yamaha RM1X sequencer and Juno 106 in my old studio in the dunes of
Scheveningen on the North Sea coast. Recorded on an old TEAC (Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company)
recorder, hence the title.

Like the original album this one is free,you can pay what you want ofrourse if you like it it

check it out here


9 February

Legowelt in Moscow

This friday 10 February I return to Russia for a gig in Moscow at the Rabitza
More information here
Also the agenda has been updated with some fresh gigs check it
out in the menu on the left!


27 January

Never Afraid

A little track for the weekend using the Smackos 808 simulator (see software section here on the left to
download it) + some classic Gwen McCrae discofunk samples and the sweeeeeet sounds of
an Oberheim.  I used the smackos junior gnome 808 simulator, the version for older abletons
 which secretly might sound better then the version for newer abletons....ha well you can
use them both side by side and hear for yourself ;)


24 January


Smackos - A Vampire Goes West

on Nightwind Records NW011

Available digitally on bandcamp
Cassette & CD available at Clone & Juno records

The digital bandcamp version is an immersive Multimedia spectacle:
The full color ASCII art computer file (that was used in the videoclip) is included as well as
scans of cassette/cd artwork and a pleatora of archetypical 1990s CDROM bubbleware
such as a Smackos digital wallpaper, the albums 'infomercial',a 'videoclip' and more.....

There is a little quest/puzzle/challenge attached to this release
you can find a secret password code by untangling some cryptological clues.
For those who succeed there are some undisclosed prizes to be won
you probably have to be a MENSA member to solve it but you can always try
The information can be found in the zine and the ASCII art file included in both the
digital and tape/CD versions.

Also out the cassette version of the Zandvoort & Uilenbal album that was
released last year (Nightwind Records NW010) get it at clone


21 January

Picnic In A Multiverse Videoclip

I made a videoclip for the picnic in a multiverse track from the forthcoming SMACKOS
A Vampire Goes West album. Entirely typed in ASCII symbols and bewitched with some
neon magic.


19 January

Legowelt Agenda

polarbear airlines official airline of Legowelt tours in Siberia

Some Legowelt live/DJ gigs coming up!
This year is also the 25th Anniversary of Rotterdam's CLONE records
which I have, as you might know, a strong link with - releasing many
records on there and using the distribution since forever
To celebrate this they are doing the "RETURN OF THE FUTURE TOUR"
which will have a lot of Clone related artists playing all over the place, I am
doing a bunch too with Serge and other artists, we kick this off 24 February at
 the legendary BAR club in Rotterdam!!!!!!!

anyways here is a list with some gig dates so far:

28 January CLOSER Kiev Ukraine
10 February Rabitza Moscow Russia
23 February Roots St.Petersburg Russia
24 February CLONE 25th Anniversary Tour BAR rotterdam Holland
25 February Fuse Brussels Belgium
4 March Zeezout Amsterdam Holland
11 March La Machine Du Moulin Rouge Paris France
17 March Clone @ Le Sucre Lyon France
31 March Mash House Edinburgh Scotland
7 April Clone @ Under Bron Stockholm Sweden
13 April Clone @ Doornroosje Nijmegen Holland
16 April Shelter Amsterdam Holland
21 April Hope Works Sheffield England
22 April Oval Space London England
2 June L'amerpage Grenoble France
3 June Crave Festival The Hague Holland
3 August Occult Orientated Crime Bimhuis Amsterdam Holland
26 August Lost Village Festival Lincolnshire England

These are confirmed more dates coming up soon, I will put them
in the Agenda section when I have some time.

If you want to book Legowelt/Occult Orientated Crime/Smackos whatever alias please
contact my booking agency Octopus Agents for worldwide bookings


18 January

Smackos Infomercial Trailer

A Vampire Goes West - Legowelt's cult ambient alias returns after 7 years

Coming next week, check out the infomercial/trailer

hi-fi snippets on the Nightwind Records website


19 December

Order Of The SHADOW WOLF Cyberzine ISSUE IV

The new Issue of my SHADOW WOLF Cyberpunk zine is out!

with lots of articles, interviews, DIY Lo tech CyberPunk Home experiments, Hot Studio tips,
obsolete computers, short stories,  ASCII ART etc.etc.etc.

In this issue:

shadow wolf interviews electro legend MAN PARRISH
the virus collection of VOISKI
How to stop looking like a neofolk dork TECHNO FASHION TIPS
CYBOTRON's Alleys of Your Mind
everything you always wanted to know about TAPE CULTURE & LOOPS
and lots lots more!!!

come and join the order of the SHADOW WOLF!!!

Read it here


17 December

Legowelt - Dogz Take Drugs Too DJ MIX

A Soupy DJ Mix going all over the place
mixed with the Nomium crystal DJ mixer with parapsychotic EQ function


For older posts and stuff check out the ARCHIVE , going deeper and deeper in time...