FOREST OF LOOM 1985 (For Commodore 64)

"1985, Somewhere in a not so populated area of the USA a lonely man decides to buy a computer...a dark and tragic story he starts to program a  computergame called "Forest of Doom" people start dissapearing from his small town...". That was the synopsis of the 2007 smackos CD album "Computer Day" you can play the game! Its not called Forest of Doom anymore because there was already a game called that for the C64 and ZX spectrum, so now its Forest of Loom 1985...

Wreak havoc in a small town

Beware of the icemonsters

The Marines are send in to stop you

The forest is full with dangerous things such as snakes

exciting race action

download here

The file is in .d64 format (commodore 64 disk) it will run on most C64 emulators and on a real C64 ofcourse.
A good C64 (and a lot of other commodore models) emulator is VICE